Waste Water & Effluents

Instruments for monitoring the aeration-process, nitrification and de-nitrification; chlorination and de-chlorination; as well as the final discharge into the environment.

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Organics (UV254)

Stage – Raw Water/Intake, Coagulation/Flocculation/Sedimentation, Filtration, UV disinfection, Storage & Distribution

The AMI SAC254 is an on-line monitor that continuously measures UV-absorption at a wavelentth of 254 nm, a surrogate parameter for organic carbon trending.

Subsequently, this instrument allows you to save chemicals, energy and time by improving the efficiency and efficacy of (individual) treatment steps, such as coagulation/flocculation, activated carbon adsorption and UV disinfection.

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Oxygen (dissolved)

Stage – Raw Water/Intake, Aeration

The AMI Oxysafe uses proven Clark cell technology for continuous monitoring. This instrument features a large-surface cathode and anode for long-term stable reference potential.

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Stage – Storage & Distribution

Colorimetric process analyzer for the automatic, continuous measurement of phosphate in potable water. A key part of corrosion control systems.

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