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Swan Anàlisis Chile

The Swan group is happy to announce the opening of its new office in Chile. SWAN Análisis Chile aims to be a supplier and service team of SWISS excellence. By doing so, we aim to strengthen the relation to our customers in Chile and to expand the current success in the Latin American markets.

SWAN Análisis Chile is further evidence of Swan's commitment to building a lasting presence in the Latin American market and to invest in long-term customer relationships. We look forward to serving existing customers as well as a range of new customers and keep maintaining superior quality and service.
The Swan group prides itself in excellent and superior quality of products and service and always strive to deliver the best results possible.

The contact persons for any inquiries in Chile are:

Alejandro Saldivia Espinoza                     Sebastian Meller
Country Sales Manager                            Regional Sales Manager Latin America alejandro.saldivia@swan.ch                     sebastian.meller@swan.ch

About Swan

Swan Analytical Instruments is a pioneering technology provider of online water quality measuring analytical systems. Our instruments are distinguished by their reliability, quality and user-friendliness. Swan's comprehensive instrumentation portfolio is entirely dedicated to water analysis providing reliable and cost efficient as well as low-maintenance instrument solutions.

We understand that every water cycle is unique and the combination of superior software design with proven measuring procedures and methods, enables our instruments to be highly flexible in their utility. Our online monitoring instruments help to improve the efficiency and productivity of your processes while assuring the water quality.

Swan cherishes the Swiss tradition of high precision manufacturing with its only production facility in Switzerland. Every component is developed, manufactured and assembled at our headquarters. Rigorous quality controls and tests under real conditions ensure that the strict criteria and standards of the Swiss Made label are met. Each and every instrument is assembled and tested by our long-serving, highly trained employees. Their craftsmanship is reflected in the accuracy of our instruments. Over 25 years of experience has led to innovative product solutions for effortless integration into your water processes. Ensuring high quality and reliability of our instruments is of utmost importance to us.

While our analyzers are produced exclusively in Switzerland, our sales and service teams are located as close to the customer as possible. Direct interaction between Swan and the operators of our products enables the best possible sales advice and continuous product optimization according to customer feedback. Swan’s customer-focused sales network consists of official representatives around the globe. Our local sales representatives are supported by their regional customer service task forces. To find your local sales representative, click here. They take care of installation, maintenance, training, troubleshooting and any issues that may occur in an efficient way. With our sales and support network present around the globe, we are a dependable business partner, wherever you are located.

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