Sampling accessories

AMI Sample Sequencer

Complete system for the automatic, continuous multiplexing of up to six sample streams to 1 process analyzer.

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Back pressure regulator

Sampling accessory for sample distribution to several instruments with automatic stabilization of sample pressure and flow rate. Made of stainless steel SS316L. For up to four sample channels.

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Cleaning module-II

Automatic, chemical cleaning of flow cell and photometer.

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Filter option AMI CACE

Cartridge filter for AMI CACE V2

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Flowcontroller Option AMI SAC254

Sample preparation option for protection of the AMI SAC254 from (occasional) particles and adjustment of the sample flow.

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Oxydip & Unidip

Immersion assembly for use in basins and open channel.

  • Oxydip, immersion assembly for Oxysafe
  • Unidip, immersion assembly for Oxysafe or for pH
  • Unidip Rinsematic, immersion assembly for Oxysafe or for pH including spray cleaning system

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Replacement filter AMI CACE, 2 pcs.

Replacement filters AMI CACE, 2 pcs

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Sample Cooler AMI LineTOC

Sample Cooler AMI LineTOC

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Sample degasser AMI Turbiwell

Sample degasser for Turbiwell

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