Monitor AMI Hydrazine AC


Order/No. Description
A-82.250.100 Diffusion Tubing Hydrazine
A-82.939.010 Sealing kit for reagent bottle


Order/No. Description
A-81.420.020 AMI Option; Profibus- / Modbus Interface
A-81.420.042 AMI Option; USB Interface
A-81.420.050 AMI Option; 3rd signal output
A-86.110.010 Silicone tubing 9x6 mm / 3 meters
A-88.224.220 Communication cable, AMI to PC, 2 m

Spare parts

Order/No. Description
A-83.590.021 Spare part set for Hydrazine flow cell
A-83.590.030 Cleaning set for Trides flow cell
A-87.459.020 Rotor for Hydrazine sensor
A-87.850.100 Trides reference electrode, screw plug
A-89.811.060 Set of fuses for AMI