Analyzer AMI Sodium P 28cm AC


Order/No. Description
A-82.939.010 Sealing kit for reagent bottle
A-85.141.400 Sodium standard solution 1'000ppm, bottle with 100ml
A-87.729.010 Etching kit for Swansensor Sodium
A-87.892.400 Electrolyte for Swansensor Sodium Reference, 100ml
C-82.880.010 Air filter, 2 pcs.


Order/No. Description
A-81.420.020 AMI Option; Profibus- / Modbus Interface
A-81.420.042 AMI Option; USB Interface
A-81.420.050 AMI Option; 3rd signal output
A-81.420.060 AMI Option; HART Interface
A-82.611.060 AMI Sample Sequencer; AC
A-82.612.060 AMI Sample Sequencer; DC
A-88.224.220 Communication cable, AMI to PC, 2 m

Spare parts

Order/No. Description
A-82.930.020 Calibration bottle PE, 1 liter
A-83.590.041 Spare part set for AMI Sodium P
A-83.910.010 Screw fitting 12mm/M20
A-86.180.010 Sample tubing, LD-PE, 6x4 mm, 3m
A-87.027.020 Swansensor NT5K, 0.8m
A-87.150.100 Swansensor pH FL - version AMI Sodium
A-87.720.010 Swansensor Sodium, screw plug
A-87.840.100 Swansensor Reference Na
A-88.124.520 Sensor cable 0.8 meter SMB/screw plug
A-89.811.060 Set of fuses for AMI
C-82.930.000 Reagent bottle Duran ISO GL 45 - Coated , 1 liter
C-82.930.010 Reagent bottle Duran ISO GL 45, 1 liter
C-83.591.010 Fitting between Schott GL45 and Merck Bottle
C-83.591.020 Fitting GL45 for SCHOTT bottle