Monitor AMI Turbiwell W/LED Auto-drain AC


Order/No. Description
A-81.420.020 AMI Option; Profibus- / Modbus Interface
A-81.420.042 AMI Option; USB Interface
A-81.420.050 AMI Option; 3rd signal output
A-81.420.060 AMI Option; HART Interface
A-82.321.000 Sample degasser AMI Turbiwell
A-82.521.201 Flowcontroller
A-85.151.065 Verification Kit Turbiwell W/LED Low
A-85.151.075 Verification Kit Turbiwell W/LED High
A-85.153.000 Verification Kit Turbiwell Liquid
A-87.933.010 Swansensor Flow deltaT
A-88.224.220 Communication cable, AMI to PC, 2 m
C-85.154.000 Calibration Kit Turbiwell

Spare parts

Order/No. Description
A-89.811.060 Set of fuses for AMI