Stage – Raw Water/Intake, Coagulation/Flocculation/Sedimentation, Disinfection, Storage & Distribution

Choose from a variety of available configurations and electrode models for clean or dirty water. Dual channel transmitter and monitor for the continuous measurement of pH and Redox (ORP) potential are available.

Monitor AMI pH-Redox M-Flow AC

Complete analyzer on mounting panel. Dual signal output for pH and temperature.

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Monitor AMI pH/mV:pH/mV AC

Complete Analyzer for the continuous measurement of pH and Redox (ORP) potential in potable water and effluents.

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Single Components

All components are available separately for system integration.

  • Transmitters
    Transmitters/controllers for wall mounting and inserting into panels. Several output options including certified PROFIBUS DP interface.
  • Sensors
    pH and temperature probes for potable water.
  • Cables
    Cables for pH and temperature sensors.
  • Flow Cells
    Flow cells for 1 - 3 sensors PG 13.5 made of PVC.
  • Consumables
    Precision pH-buffers.

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