Monitor AMI Hydrogen QED AC


Monitor for the continuous measurement of dissolved hydrogen in water steam cycles. Integrated auto verification with faraday electrode setup.

  • Range: 0,1 - 800 ppb or 0-50 % saturation (at 25°C).
  • Automatic air pressure and temperature compensation.
  • Faraday electrode and control unit for the automatic or manual verification.
  • Factory tested, ready for use.




Parameters such as pH, oxygen, iron, hydrogen and others are directly related to corrosion control and frequently used for monitoring corrosion.

Hydrogen monitoring is becoming important in corrosion monitoring for water steam cycle. Corrosion occurs in the presence of water contact with iron at high temperature. According to the Schikorr reaction, hydrogen is released as a by-product during the formation of the magnetite and hematite layer in the power plant. Therefore its concentration is a direct measure of the rate of corrosion.