SWAN was founded on January 1st, 1991 by a group of experienced engineers (chemists, physicist, electronic engineers). It has been concentrating its efforts on the development and manufacturing of process analytical instruments for monitoring the water quality.  

At the beginning, only 10 people worked for SWAN, including the founders. They first concentrated on swimming pool and sanitary water applications as well as waste water treatment. Very soon SWAN set the standard for the control of many other water quality parameters.  


In fact, the company expanded their activities to the power generation market (Water-Steam-Cycle monitoring) and semiconductor industries. With entry into the power market, the rapid growth of SWAN started.


During that time, the company SWAN Systeme AG emerged from the original SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG. Customer-specific requests for projects, overall projects and systems led to the foundation of SWAN Systeme AG. For more information about this company, please click here