Company News (Dec 2009)

Dear Business Partners and Friends,   


Fortunately, we have been spared the crisis, which is also thanks to our working relationship with you. Therefore, we would like to thank you and hope that we can continue to enjoy your trust.    

With all of our success, we do not wish to forget those less fortunate than ourselves. We are therefore again supporting a drinking water project in Africa. For more information about this project, please click on the Helvetas link below.   


We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year.    


With best wishes,  

SWAN Analytical Instruments


Product News (Sep 2009)

New: Analyzer AMI Soditrace

Trace sodium analyzer for ppt-levels with precisely controlled reagent addition. Programmable automatic calibration by multiple known standard addition at low levels. Programmable automatic regeneration (pat.pending).