Helvetas Water Project 2018


A long tradition of SWAN is to support a water project by Helvetas to help improve the drinking water and educate the locals on proper water handling and basic hygienic rules to prevent diseases. This year SWAN is supporting the project Sodis in Bolivia. By working with Helvetas for many years, we can guarantee that our donations are being used properly. SWAN thanks you for your trust and your confidence in SWAN during this successful year. SWAN wishes you and your family happy holidays and all the best for the coming year.  

Meet us at the ACHEMA 2018

Meet us at ACHEMA, the world forum and leading show for the process industries, in Frankfurt (DE). SWAN has developed new instruments with unique features to help you with your measurements and to make reading measurements easier for you. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to meet the experts for online water analytical instruments.

No more resin change in the power industry! AMI CACE, conductivity after cation exchange (CACE) has never been easier than with the new EDI technology which combines cation exchange and in-place resin regeneration.

AMI SAC254 to minimize maintenance and extend the measuring range in the potable water industry. Through its dynamic absorbance measurement the AMI SAC254 improves the accurancy and reliability of the online SAC(254) measurement. Our product manager, Dr. Alexander Rodenberg, will be giving a presentation on the SAC(254) measurement on Friday, 15.06.18, 11:30 in Room CMF - Harmonie 2. The abstract can be downloaded here.

For the pharma industry, SWAN has developed the AMI Codes-II O3. A dependable ozone monitor with reliable results even after long term absences of ozone.

Another new instrument will be shown during ACHEMA, our CHEMATEST 30 and 42! New handheld instruments suitable for potable water, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and pool industries! Measuring parameters such as disinfectants, pH, turbidity, conductivity, pH & redox, cyanuric acid, dissolved iron and aluminum.

Our experts are looking forward to welcoming you at our hall 11.0 booth C44.

Singapore International Water Week


Meet us at the Singapore International Water Week, the global platform to share and co-create innovative water solutions.

Don't miss your unique chance to gather comprehensive information about all our available services as well as our cutting-edge developments and technologies in on-line process water analysis.

As an example, we will present our turbidity meter AMI Turbiwell and its verification procedure. Due to the technology used and the design of this instrument, a calibration is not necessary. However, we developed the enhanced secondary standard procedure to enable operators to determine periodically if the instrument is still in calibration.

Furthermore, our Product Manager, Dr. Alexander Rodenberg, will be giving a presentation about the SAC254 measurement on Tuesday, 10th of July in Treatment B, Level 3.0, Cassia 3201AB - Starting at 02:00 - 03:30 PM.

Click here to find out more about our SAC254 analyzer and its benefits.


Meet the Experts at IFAT 2018 in Munich

IFAT is the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, and is a place where visitors can find strategies and solutions for using resources in intelligent cycles in a manner that ensures their long-term preservation- what a great deal of success.

SWAN has developed new instruments with unique features to help you with your measurements and to make reading measurements easier for you. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to meet the experts for online water analytical instruments. Our three new instruments will be shown on our booth;
For the power industry, our AMI CACE, no more resin change! Conductivity After Cation Exchange (CACE) has never been easier than with the new EDI technology which combines cation exchange and in-place resin regeneration.

For the potable water industry, our AMI SAC254. With its dynamic absorbance measurement it improves the accuracy and reliability of the online SAC(254) measurement, minimizes your maintenance and extends the measuring range.

Our latest instrument for the pharma industry, AMI Codes-II O3 , will be on show. AMI Codes-II O3 is a dependable ozone monitor with reliable results even after long term absences of ozone.

Gold Sponsor at the API PowerChem Asia Pacific 2018

Meet us at the API PowerChem Asia Pacific 2018 in Queensland, AU, from Sunday 20 to Thursday 24 May 2018. The aim of the PowerChem Conference is to provide a platform for power station chemists, provide best practice techniques and to bring personnel with diverse experience together to share learnings and experiences.

Don’t miss our presentation on Tuesday, 15:25, “EDI for CACE Measurement in Power Plants using EDI Technology to Minimise Resin Usefield Results and Conclusions” and our Instrumentation Training on Thursday, both held by our Sales Director. To register, please click here.

SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG is proud to be the gold sponsor of this significant conference, exhibition and training. For more information and the detail agenda can be found here.
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Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminar Latin America

This April, PPChem will be holding Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminars in Mexico City, Lima and Buenos Aires and SWAN is proud to be the main sponsor of all three events. The topics being covered during those seminars are the following:

  • Chemical regimes and the respective monitoring requirements
  • New VGB guidelines for boiler feed water, boiler water and steam
  • Sampling systems: Engineering specification and guidelines (VGB, IAPWS)
  • Analytical methods and analyzers: Conductivity, degassed conductivity, sodium, silica, pH and dissolved oxygen
  • Quality assurance techniques and maintenance planning
  • Water/Steam cycle monitoring requirements for combined cycle power plants

The seminar consists of experts from different companies with a wide experience in the field and will be held in Spanish. Should you be interested in taking part in either seminar, there are still open spaces. The detailed agendas can be found here.


SWAN Turkey renews analytical instruments of ISKI's Cumhuriyet Potable Water Treatment Plant in Istanbul

Hinwil, Switzerland, Feb 8, 2018: SWAN Turkey, part of SWAN Analytical Instruments, has supplied Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) with renewed online instrumentation for the Cumhuriyet drinking water treatment plant.

The city of Istanbul currently owns 13 different potable water treatment plants which serve a population of over 14 million. A daily capacity of 720.000 m3/day makes the Cumhuriyet potable water plant, opened in 2012 and operated by the ISKI, one of the largest of them. Treatment steps include aeration to remove dissolved gases, solid material removal by sedimentation and filtration, and disinfection prior to clean water distribution.

SWAN Turkey has replaced all analytical instrumentation including detailed engineering, removal of obsolete instruments, piping, installation of new analyzers in a cabin suitable for outdoor applications and field installation. The online instrumentation will help to further control and improve the water quality which is already well above the standards identified by the European Community (EC), World Health Organization (WHO), USA Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).

The immersion type measurements for aeration monitoring have been exchanged with SWAN online instruments AMI pH/Redox for pH and AMI Turbitrack for turbidity measurement. Each one is equipped with a flow through cell and mounted on one separate panel. All transmitters, sensors, flow cells and cables used were assembled in a weather-resistant cabinet. Because of the occurance of lime deposits in the sedimentation process, SWAN Turkey has also customized a cleaning module specifically designed for this application. The additional pump module installed removes impurities automatically to guarantee continuous low maintenance operation of the instrument.

The ISKI Cumhuriyet Potable Water Treatment plant operates the following instruments:

7 Monitor AMI Turbitrack
4 Monitor AMI pH M-Flow
3 Monitor AMI Trides with pH Option

 For any remarks or questions regarding this project, please contact SWAN Turkey Analiz Enstrümanlari Üretim Satis Dagitim Ltd. Sti.

Colorimetric Online Monitoring of Ozone Concentration in Pharmaceutical Water

SWAN is expanding its comprehensive product range with the AMI Codes-II O3, a measuring instrument developed especially for the pharmaceutical sector. This combines the advantages of the robust, standard colorimetric method according to DIN-38404-3 from the laboratory with the online measurement. The measuring method does not detect a loss of sensitivity during prolonged absence of ozone and no service time is required after maintenance, the use of the AMI Codes-II O3 directly increases the process reliability.

To learn more about SWANs AMI Codes-II O3 visit us at the Lounges in Karlsruhe. One of our experts will be giving a lecture on Tuesday, 06.02.2018 at 16:00 or find out more here.