Potable Water Project HELVETAS 2013


Once again SWAN is supporting a water project in Africa.
With our help drinking water systems are built and rehabilitated. Furthermore we support the local businesses and the organisation of public institutions on a community and district level. Based on our earlier projects with Helvetas, we can ensure that our donations are used rightly.

For more info: http://www.mozambique.helvetas.org/en

SWAN Turkey (September 2013)


From left to right: Ümit ŞAYF (Key Account Manager), Arzu DİREN (Sales Manager), Tuğba SARI (Office Manager), and Erdem DİRİN (Service Manager)

The SWAN Group is happy to announce the opening of its new office in Turkey. Swan Turkey Analiz Enstrümanları Ltd. Şti., aims to be a supplier and service team of SWISS excellence. By doing so, we aim to strengthen the relation to our customers in Turkey and to expand the current success in the Power Industry to other industries in Turkey.


Successful launch of the AMI LineTOC in the pharmaceutical industry

We are pleased that since its launch in 2011 we had the chance to convince leading representatives of the pharmaceutical industry of our TOC-Analyser. The experience gained and the positive feedback from our customers show us that we are on the right track with our TOC-Analyser.

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In order to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, we have steadily developed our TOC-Analyser in recent years.

The focus of the development of the TOC-Analyser concentrated on three areas:

  • The precision and accuracy of direct UV-oxidation have been verifiably improved by means of technical optimizations
  • The analyser can be reviewed at regular intervals by an automatic function test
  • The user-friendly design of the device and the possibility to also test grab samples, provide additional relief in operation

All these changes are included in our current analyser AMI LineTOC making it cutting edge technology being able to cope with future demands.


SWAN South Africa (June 2013)


From left to right: Nic van Burick (Sales Manager), Michelle Steyn (Office Manager) and Nuno Cartucho (Service Manager).


We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in South Africa.

SWAN Instrumentation South Africa (Pty) Ltd, aims to expand the current success in Power Industry to other industries in Sub Saharan Africa and be a supplier and service team of SWISS excellence.



Product News (Jan 2013)



Our new portable, battery powered AMI Inspector Hydrogen for measurement of dissolved hydrogen in water steam cycle is now available.

  • Swansensor Hydrogen with platinum anode and silver cathode
  • Measurement range from 0ppb to 800ppb of dissolved hydrogen
  • Integrated NT5K temperature sensor
  • Sample flow surveillance
  • Needle valve for sample flow control
  • Rechargeable battery for stand-alone operation for at least 24 hours
  • Low maintenance and user friendly
  • Two current signal outputs
  • Equipped with USB interface





Potable Water Project HELVETAS

As every year, SWAN supports a water project in Africa. This year we are assisting the project “QualiEau” in Benin by building a well, which ensures a long term solution in helping the residents to have fresh and clear water daily. Through many years of working with Helvetas we guarantee that our donations are used correctly.

For more info www.helvetas.org