Reagents for AMI Codes

Suitable for:

  • AMI Codes-II, AMI Codes-II TC, AMI Codes-II CC
  • AMI Codes, AMI Codes TC
  • Compact Codes 402

Suitable for:

  • AMI Codes-II O3

Reagents and standard for AMI Silica

Suitable for:

  • AMI Silica

Reagents and standard for AMI Silitrace (- Ultra)

Suitable for:

  • AMI Silitrace
  • AMI Silitrace Ultra

Reagents and standard for AMI Phosphate-II

Suitable for:

  • AMI Phosphate-II, AMI Phosphate-II Boiler
  • AMI Phosphate

Reagents and standard for AMI Phosphate HL

Suitable for:

  • AMI Phosphate HL

Reagents and standard for COPRA Silica / COPRA Phosphate

Suitable for:

  • COPRA Silica & COPRA Silitrace: A-85.420.100, A-85.420.130, A-85.420.131
  • COPRA Phosphate: A-85.420.200, A-85.420.230, A-85.420.231

Reagents for Chematest

Reagents and standard for Sodium Analyzers

Suitable for:

  • AMI Sodium A, AMI Sodium P
  • AMI Soditrace
  • SOLO Sodium
  • Soditrace

Calibration and further standard solutions

A-85.112.300, A-85.112.350, A-85.112.500, A-85.112.700

A-85.113.300, A-85.113.350, A-85.113.500, A-85.113.700, A-85.119.010

A-85.114.300, A-85.114.350, A-85.114.500, A-85.114.700, A-85.119.010

A-85.121.300, A-85.121.320, A-85.121.500, A-85.121.700



A-82.841.030, A-82.841.031,A-82.841.035

A-87.893.300, A-87.893.500, A-87.893.600