Helvetas - Project Amhara

2020 has brought on much uncertainty and many unexpected challenges. Especially in these unsettling times, we must come together to help the less fortunate. Therefore, as in the past years, Swan continues to support water projects managed by Helvetas. With this year's contribution Swan is supporting the project AIRWASH in Amhara.

The aim is to build and refurbish 100 water supply systems which will profit 13 500 Ethiopians and to educate the locals about the importance of hygiene, thus improving their living conditions and health as well as enabling the children to attend school regularly.

Swan has been supporting Helvetas projects since 2002. Click on the picture below to watch the video.

Fight the OPEX - With our AMI CACE Monitor

CACE (Conductivity After Cation Exchange or also Cation or Acid Conductivity) online analysis is the most required parameter to monitor and control the quality of the water steam cycle of any thermal power plant and process steam in industrial plants. 

Conductivity before and after cation exchange with an EDI module for automatic, continuous resin regeneration. 

Save operating costs and measure more safely for constantly dependable data. Automatic calculation and display of alkalizing agent concentration and pH (VGB-directive 450L).  

For the continuous monitoring of:
● Specific Conductivity 
● Acid Conductivity 
● pH Value or Alkalizing agent 

Read more about our AMI CACE monitor here.

Out now: Chematest 35 Shurecon CT Conductivity Sensor

The Swansensor Shurecon CT has been developed for the exclusive use with Swan's Chematest 35 handheld and measures within a range from 0 µS/cm to 100 mS/cm. The four-electrode design is insensitive to polarization effects. Swansensor Shurecon CT is provided with a detailed factory calibration certificate. All sensor-specific data, the factory calibration and the user calibration history, is permanently stored on the sensor.

Swansensor Shurecon CT is robust and easy to operate. For reliably accurate measurements a protective sleeve covers the sensing element and prevents that the sensor is placed too close to container walls. The protective sleeve can be unscrewed for easy cleaning. 


Chematest 35 - The mobile handheld device for use in public pools, potable water, pharmaceutical and food production applications in short:

  • Photometer for disinfectant measurements
  • Sensor connections for measurements of pH, redox potential (ORP) and specific conductivity 
  • Interactive Bluetooth Chematest App

For more information please visit chematest.swan.ch or Chematest 35.


Swan Anàlisis Chile

The Swan group is happy to announce the opening of its new office in Chile. SWAN Análisis Chile aims to be a supplier and service team of SWISS excellence. By doing so, we aim to strengthen the relation to our customers in Chile and to expand the current success in the Latin American markets.

SWAN Análisis Chile is further evidence of Swan's commitment to building a lasting presence in the Latin American market and to invest in long-term customer relationships. We look forward to serving existing customers as well as a range of new customers and keep maintaining superior quality and service.
The Swan group prides itself in excellent and superior quality of products and service and always strive to deliver the best results possible.

The contact persons for any inquiries in Chile are:

Alejandro Saldivia Espinoza                     Sebastian Meller
Country Sales Manager                            Regional Sales Manager Latin America alejandro.saldivia@swan.ch                     sebastian.meller@swan.ch

SWAN proudly announces its newest product development: Handheld Chematest 30

Chematest 30 ink, Koffer.jpg

With the introduction of Chematest 30 SWAN broadens its range of applications for handheld water quality testing devices. In addition to potable water treatments and public pools, these successor models to the well-proven Chematest 20/25 photometers are now qualified for use in pharmaceutical production and food processing.

Primary improvements affect the area of application and user-friendliness. In order to comply with pharmaceutical and food industry requirements, every photometer is calibrated individually and its light source traceable to NIST standards. Traceable verification kits and glass cuvettes additionally assure reliable and safe utilization. 

Its menu-driven user guidance has been revised to simplify measurement handling. The IP 67 waterproof design, its long-living, rechargeable Li-Ion battery and the large internal data storage make Chematest 30 the perfect handheld for mobile water analysis in any circumstances. 

Disinfectant measurements:  

  • Free, Combined and Total Chlorine
  • Ozone
  • Bromine
  • Iodine
  • Chlorine Dioxide

Additional photometric methods:

  • pH (Phenol Red)
  • Cyanuric Acid

More newly introduced Chematest 30 highlights:

  • User Management
  • Registration of Sampling Points
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  • Improved Case with Removable Reagent Rack


Release date Chematest 30: Availabe now!

Further product information available in the download section.

Smart – an interpretable Term

For several years, smart products and solutions have been promoted for online water analytics. But what does "smart" really mean? The interpretation of the term "smart" varies heavily as it is not defined.

Since it is not always easy to distinguish between truly smart solutions and mere marketing expressions, even customers have started to randomly add "smart" to their vocabulary, which leads to unclear expectations.

What can be defined as "smart" depends on individual requirements of customers and their applications. Since the term is used without a standardized definition, it is not binding. This carries the risk of unsatisfactory equipment because there is no common understanding on what smart characteristics a measurement device has to offer. In the following, we analyze the most frequently used smart attributes in connection with online water instruments. Read more.


Performing a verification on our AMI SAC254 analyzer

The AMI SAC254 is a complete monitoring system for the continuous measurement of UV absorption at 254 nm for organic carbon trend monitoring in potable water and wastewater effluent.

The correct function of the instrument can be checked with a verification. The verification checks the stability of the instrument using a certified standard solution provided by Swan. For this purpose, the raw SAC254 value is compared with a reference value indicated on the standard bottle. The result is saved in the verification history.

Find out how to perform a SAC254 verification by watching our video below!