Cleaning module-II


Order/No. Description
A-86.191.151 Tube 2.29mm in frame for PeriClip pump


Order/No. Description
A-25.42X.100.0 Analyzer AMI Phosphate-II AC
A-25.42X.300.0 Analyzer AMI Phosphate HL AC
A-25.44X.100.0 Analyzer AMI Codes-II AC
A-25.44X.600.0 Analyzer AMI Codes-II TC AC
A-25.44X.700.0 Analyzer AMI Codes-II CC AC
A-25.45X.000 Monitor AMI SAC254 AC

Spare parts

Order/No. Description
A-82.931.060 Reagent container 2.5l with cover
A-86.191.042 Tubing kit for Cleaning Module-II
A-86.191.871 Tubing kit to suction lance; V2