AMI-II CACE is a low-maintenance system for online monitoring of specific conductivity (SC) and conductivity after cation exchange (CACE) with continuous EDI resin regeneration. Sample pH and alkalizing agent concentration (i.e. ammonia) are calculated simultaneously from measured values.

AMI-II CACE offers uninterrupted monitoring of steam and condensate quality in power and industrial plants without the need for regular resin exchange and associated rinsing times, and without the risk of resin exhaustion.

  • Continuous operation with automatic regeneration of the cation exchange resin by electrodeionization (EDI): no resin exchange, no chemicals for regeneration, no maintenance, reduced operation costs.
  • Fast response time after start-up.
  • Compact dimensions with minimal sample flow.
  • Integrated self-diagnostic capabilities and sample flowmeter for measurement validation and reliable operation.
  • Factory tested, ready for installation and operation.
IXA23562X00 AMI-II CACE with filter.png